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Hereby a clinical case of additional correction of refractive error with a LASIK after 5 months of implantation of the multifocal toric intraocular lens (IOL) and Nd:YAG-laser posterior capsulotomy. Diagnostic was performed before and after LASIK. Before LASIK procedure the visual acuity for distance vision was 0.3 cyl -1.75D ax 95° = 0.9 and for near vision 0.2 sph + 2.5D cyl +1.5D ax 175° = 0.8. After 3 months of LASIK the visual acuity for distance vision was 1.0 and for near vision 0.7 sph + 0.5D = 1.0. The rest correction for near vision sph + 0.5D may be a result of long reabilitative period after IOL implantation.


multifocal intraocular lens; toric intraocular lens; astigmatism; presbyopia; LASIK

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