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Peculiarities of intracranial pathologies among patients with optic disc drusen


Objective: to reveal features of the brain pathology in patients with drusen of the optic nerve by magnetic resonance imaging. Material and methods: 18 patients (36 eyes) with drusen of the optic nerve were examined. The age of patients ranged from 24–65 years. Patients were divided into 3 age groups: the first group from 24–35 years old; the second from 36–55 years old; the third from 56–65 years old. Drusen of the optic nerve were confirmed by ophthalmological, neuroimaging and ultrasound techniques. All patients underwent magnetic resonance imaging of the brain, orbits and neurological examination. Results: in patients with drusen of the optic nerve was revealed the brain pathology in 83.3 % of cases as a result of the magnetic resonance imaging examination. Isolated and associated violation of cerebro-spinal fluid circulation with focal changes vascular etiology was diagnosed in 66.7 % of cases. In 33.3 % of cases were identified the isolated focal changes of the brain vascular etiology. More often the violations of cerebro-spinal fluid circulation were detected in the first (20 %) and in the second age groups (33.3 %), less in patients of the third age group (13.3 %). In patients with drusen of the optic nerve was diagnosed idiopathic intracranial hypertension in 40 % of cases, compensated passive hydrocephalus – in 20 %, passive hydrocephalus ex vacuo – in 6.7 %. Conclusion: it revealed the presence of intracranial pathology in patients with drusen of the optic nerve methods magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography in 83.3% of cases. Patients with drusen of the optic nerve should be counseled by a neurologist. The combination of drusen of the optic nerve and intracranial cerebral pathology requires further study, since the pathogenesis of drusen is not clear enough.


drusen of the optic nerve; magnetic resonance imaging of the brain and orbits; the brain pathology; the violations of cerebro-spinal fluid circulation

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