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Appellative gaj in onomastic space of Central Chernozemye


The distinguishing of geographic appellative gaj, which means different things in Slavic languages, is considered. This lexeme concerns with words, which are include in common Slavic lexical fund. All Slavic languages, despite Russian language, the word is connected with literature language, the author of article gives an attempt to considering different meaning of appellative gaj, gai in South Russian speech of Central Chernozemye. The author proves, that semantic changing of lexeme gaj is connected with the creation of toponyms, that local geographic names is create for the exact characteristic of topoobject by linguistic tools, which is supported by language of everyday intercourse. There are simple and two-components toponyms like Gaj, Osinovy Gaj, Osino-Gaj, Krivoj Gaj, Zelyonyj Gaj, Sukhie Gai on the map of Central Chernozemye. Such toponyms give a representation concerning the vegetation, place and it make riot and value content of regional toponyms wide. It reflects the way of territory`s living and let to find out the question concerning geographical term gaj. Observations about regional onomastic picture of world show that man consciousness reflect world and fix its image and reflects historical and social and cultural facts of Central Chernozemye region`s development. It is connected with results of first people who live on territory and permanent contacts of Russian speaking people.


Geographical term gaj; toponym Gaj; dialect lexics; Central Chernozemye

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Language. cognition. culture

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