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Organizational-legal problems in administrative apparatus of Tambov province in the early 1920s


On the basis of archival sources the analysis of activity of party and government bodies of the power of the Tambov province in the early twenties is given. The first steps of the party guide to restoration of the party and Soviet system of the power, the receptions and methods used in the course of its reconstruction after civil war and Antonov’s revolt are considered. Relevance of studying of process of formation of administrative personnel is defined by possibility of generalization both negative, and positive experience. There is a possibility of use of historical experience of management and functioning of local authorities. The reasons of a crisis state of local administrative personnel, and also attempt of search of ways of overcoming of the developed problems are allocated. Studying of organizational and legal problems of bases of activity of local authorities allows revealing and specifying also positive and negative lines of the Soviet state system. The materials used in article helped to recreate practice of activity of bodies’ party and the province government in the early twenties, to track process of creation and legal registration of the mechanism of the political power. It is concluded that after various attempts of recovery from the crisis results a basic change of current situation in management. The authorities make the decision on refusal of “military communism” and transition to new economic policy in the early twenties.


promotion; committee; communists; nomenclature; ranking officers; party; transfers; control system; administrative shots; cleaning of party ranks

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Section of issue

Civil society and state

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