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Categorical analysis of system to ensure the economic security of national economy


Theoretical and methodological foundations of economic security of the national economy are considered. The official interpretation of the categories of “national security” and “economic security” provided in Russian and Kazakh economy is considered. It is stated that the basis of the categorical analysis is the regulatory framework in the form of the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation, and it is concluded that such a formal interpretation of the categories rather generalized. This is due to the fact that failure, and the virtual absence of local researchers on this subject due to the fact that, historically, a national security issue, as typically occurs during periods of independence and the establishment of statehood, when there is the formation and development of national interests, including economic ones. It is concluded that the content of economic security and adequate mechanisms providing different types of social organization, unit of appropriate methods and available national resources. The different conceptual approaches to the various subsystems, components and factors of national security (G.V. Corzhova, S.Y. Glazyeva, P.G. Belova) and as a result of systematization detailed economic security for object-functional orientation on military, social, political, economic, environmental, informational, cultural, legal, scientific, technological, demographic, genetic, the crime, energy, intellectual. Determination of “economic security”, its structure-changing in the, as well as mechanisms to ensure is interpreted differently, because of the investigation of the problem in the framework of different theoretical and methodological approaches. Unlike most researchers, considering the national economic security as a condition of the economy and institutions of government, at which the guaranteed protection of national interests, harmonious, socially-oriented development of the country as a whole, sufficient economic and defense potential, even under the most unfavorable variants of internal and external processes, is considered economic security as a system formation, which includes the process, food, finance and credit, industrial, foreign trade, investment, energy, transport and communication and social (socio-economic) components.


economic security; national security; components of economic security

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Problems and prospects of development of modern economics

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