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Delimitation of powers of government bodies and office for rehabilitation of problem regions


The specifics of distribution of powers of government and administration, the analysis of the legislative framework for the problem under consideration, the features of state regulation of the processes of transformation of socio-economic space are considered, the analysis of existing instruments of state regulation, and recommendations to address the problems and improve the mechanism of differentiation of powers between the federal authorities, federal bodies of state power of subjects of the federation and the local authorities of the Russian Federation on the rehabilitation of troubled regions are presented. It is concluded that a reasonable regional policy center is to change some of the principles of redistribution of funds between the center and the regions, as well as between and within regions. At the same time noted that the sharp rise in the cost-effectiveness can be coupled with an increase in social stratification, regional disparities, and political costs. At the same time, a more efficient solution of social and political problems often leads to a decrease in direct cost-effectiveness of measures and projects implemented. Importance of transparency of state regional policy, particularly with regard to redeployment is considered. Proposal to amend the legislation of a number of special elements that implement federal support depressed areas is made.


federalism; objects of reference; powers; problem areas; public authorities; federal bodies of state power of subjects of Federation; bodies of local self-government

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Problems and prospects of development of modern economics

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