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Symbols of military culture in society


The symbolic aspects of military culture are considered. They identify its code position. They are as recognizable and prestigious marks. On the basis of historical-comparative, structural-typological methods of the study established their char-acteristic triad: subject, visual symbols, rituals and symbols of military rituals, verbal symbols – verbal formula. It is determined that military culture includes all specified directions. It is established that it is a holistic some deep rooted characters, specific for each individual state and understandable to everyone else. Listed positions are analyzed. Subject-visual: the flag, the regimental flag, emblems, hymns, uniforms with insignia of troops and ranks, orders and medals. Ritual: the oath of office, removal of the banner, saluting. Verbal: commands, orders, appeals. Learning complex characters gives an idea of the status of a military professional, his merits in professional and social activities, is integrated in the society.


military culture; symbols of the military culture; banner; weapons; military rituals; verbal codes

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Questions of theory and methodology

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