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Mechanisms for rehabilitation of problem areas in modern conditions: domestic and foreign experience


The mechanisms for the rehabilitation of problem areas used by domestic and foreign governmental authorities are considered. The two defining groups of methods in support of problem areas: General (universal), applicable in almost all cases, and personal (custom, private), the use of which is targeted (turn, these methods can be subdivided depending on their level of use at the Federal, regional and local). The concepts of Federal economic and Federal financial aid are refined. Special attention is paid to the retrospective view of the development of state regulation of diverse regions. The most significant examples of rehabilitation of problematic regions of the leading economies of the world such as USA, Canada, Australia and the Netherlands are presented. The conclusion about the uniqueness and diversity of the Russian regional diversity, which has determined the peculiarities of the mechanisms for the rehabilitation of problem areas, which are an integral part in the universal instruments of socio-economic and regional policy. It is identified that a key mechanism for the rehabilitation of distressed regions within such a scenario of socio-economic development must be common for all regions, the process of adjusting their businesses, communities and local authorities to market capitalism Russian-style. It is substantiated that the realities of the development of Russian regions dictate the need to develop the individual program of rehabilitation of the problem areas in the Russian Federation. It is concluded that the necessity of application in Russia the most successful models and specific programs of rehabilitation and support of foreign governments that create their adapted and successful approaches to the resolution of significant regional issues.


region; problem areas; mechanism of rehabilitation; regional development; state support

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Problems and prospects of development of modern economics

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