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This study was carried out to determine chemical mutagens effect (1,4-bisdiazoatsetilbutan (DAB), dimethylsulphat (DМS) and interaction between mutagen nature and chromosomal aberrations on cells level. Dry seeds of 8 varieties of winter wheat were soaked in solution with DAB 0.1 and 0.2 %, DМS 0.0125, 0.025 and 0.05 % respectively. The frequency and spectra of chromosomal aberration have been investigated. Relationships between method of variety breeding, nature of mutagen factor and changes on cell level have been identified. It is expressed as a decrease in the frequency of aberrations by the action of the DAB when varieties had been created with DAB or, at less level, with DMS and DAB both for two vanities which had been created with chemical mutagenesis generally.


wheat; chemical mutagenesis; chromosomal aberrations

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