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Selective elimination of immunoglobulin free light chains in patients with monoclonal gammapathies


The first experience of free light chains of immunoglobulin (FLC) elimination in Russia with selective filters Emic2 in patients with paraproteinemic haemoblastosis and significant FLC hypersecretion are represented in this article. According to the results of FLC secretion measuring in blood serum and dialyzate before and after treatment in 12 patients, we demonstrate the possibility of extracorporal elimination from 250 to 196000 mg of FLC in one procedure. Maximal quantity of FLC, which was eliminated during the whole course of treatment (18 procedures), was 1090 g. We demonstrate the high efficiency of extracorporal detoxication by removal of FLC excess from bloodstream, which prevents the development of irreversible renal failure and give the possibility to perform an adequate chemotherapy.


free light chains of immunoglobulin; monoclonal gammapathies; multiple myeloma; lymphoma; extracorporal haemocorrection; selective filters

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