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Cholelithiasis after stomach cancer surgical treatment: is preventive cholecystectomy justified?


The presented review is devoted to the problem of cholelithiasis at patients with stomach cancer after surgical treatment, because its frequency for 5 years has been increasing for 3–4 times, being 15–45.2 %. The basic reason of development is crossing of nervus vagus and its branches during surgical intervention and also reconstruction of the digestive tract and lymph node dissection. The pointed influence leads to disfunction of neuro-humoral mechanisms of biliary excretion regulation, accompanied by the disturbance of tone of gall, appearance of biliary sludge and stratification of the content of gall at echonegative and echopositive layers of bile with the following formation of calculus. Because of this some authors propose to carry preventive cholecystectomy simultaneously with surgical intrusion. The results of randomized research CHOLEGAS, according to which the accompanying cholecystectomy does not increase the frequency of surgical and general complications are presented. This intrusion improves the quality of life of patients with stomach cancer after surgical treatment.


stomach cancer; surgical treatment; cholelithiasis; pathogenesis; preventive cholecystectomy

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