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The study of life quality at patients having chronic inflammatory state of parodontium


Periodontal disease are the most widespread among all age groups of population, especially among its capable of working part, reaching 80-99 %. The importance of this problem is conditioned first of all by disorder in structural-functional state of tunica mucosa of mouth’s state. This factor decreases the life quality and leads to early loss of tooth. One of primary tasks of every society is the increase of life quality. According to the level of this index we can consider the level of civilization, progressiveness, welfare of society. The society is constantly changing and our relation to health and public health is changing constantly. The basis of this change is understanding of the social consequences of disease and that medical intervention is aimed at increase in lifetime and life quality. The estimation of dental life quality was a powerful motivation to rethink the approaches to preventive measures and disease treatment of mouth cavity, to organization of special multi-level structure of stomatological help to the population in modern conditions. Age, sex, economic and social status, nature of working career, religious opinion, culture level, kind of temperament, degree of trust to the doctor, medical awareness and some other factors influence patient’s life quality. Periodontal diseases lead to significant decrease in functional capability of dentition, the long period of rehabilitation is their characteristic feature and life-long at the specialist. Periodontal disease therapy is time-consuming and expensive, it requires the specialists of different profile. The periodontal disease is not only medical, but also social problem which is a reflection of the life quality of population.


life quality; periodontitis; perio treatment; enquirer

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