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Hospital care of children with opHthalmologic pathology in Penza province according to the data of ophthalmologic department of N.F. Filatov Penza Regional Children’s Teaching Hospital


The development of the pediatric ophthalmology service is an important public health objective, the solution of which requires the accumulation and analysis of epidemiological information on this issue in various regions. The purpose of the study was the analysis of specialized inpatient ophthalmic care for children in the Penza region for the period 2012–2016 according to the data of ophthalmology department of the N.F. Filatov Penza Regional Child Clinical Hospital. On the basis of reporting forms of statistical observation (results of treatment of 5.856 children aged 0 to 17 years), the increase in the main volume indicators of the department’s work was revealed. Thus, the optimization of the activity of the hospital bed (the reduction of the average bed-day in 2016 to 6.70 days and the increase in the bed turnover to 43.34) allowed to treat more patients, despite the overall reduction in the number of beds compared to 2012 from 35 to 29. The composition of the treated nosologies corresponds to data on the most common pathology of the vision organ of childhood: refraction and accommodation disorders (41.11 %), amblyopia (15.97 %) and strabismus (6.28 %) predominated. The structure and results of treatment of eye injuries, surgical activity, as well as work on the detection and treatment of prematurity retinopathy, which is one of the main problems of perinatal medicine, were analyzed in detail. An integrated approach to the analysis of quantitative and qualitative indicators of the department’s work allows to reasonably plan the measures for further optimization of the activity of the children’s ophthalmologic service.


children’s ophthalmology service; performance indicators of the department; morbidity; eye trauma in children; retinopathy of prematurity

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Medicine. modern achievements in ophthalmology

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