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Foundation of ecological efficiency of electricultrafiltration clearing of commercial solutions of biochemical production


The revolutionary capabilities of membrane processes in technological renovation of native industry are very relevant in the period of reorientation of Russian economy for import replacement, overcoming the consequences of economic sanctions and “cut off” of Russia from progressive Western technologies. As we know, membranes and membrane technologies are related to priority scientific directions in which Russian scientists advance the world level. The necessity to carry out experimental researches with the aim of improvement of technology of sewage treatment and methodic foundation of efficiency of such technology is proved. The work proposes the methods of estimation of ecological-economic efficiency of the process of utilization of commercial solution of biochemical production by electricultrafiltration clearing. The developed methods let estimate and calculate the efficiency of recycling of biochemical production in economic turnover. As information material the results of experimental researches in clearage of commercial solutions by electricultrafiltration clearing and also the data of the plant “Biokhim” according to parameters of economic evaluation of prime cost of production sewage treatment.


technological solution; membrane technology; efficiency; infiltration and concentrate; electricmembrane apparatus

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