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Procedural interpretation of symbolic integration algorithms in MathPartner system


The work is devoted to the development of a procedure library for the computer algebra system MathPartner. A software implementation of symbolic integration algorithms is being developed. The solution of the problem of symbolic integration is divided into three stages. At the first stage, the integrand is reduced to the form necessary for applying the Rish algorithm. A description is given of the corresponding procedures that reduce the integrand to an expression containing a finite set of arithmetic operations and compositions of logarithmic functions and exponentials, and also make a set of regular monomials. At the second stage, the integration of the fractional part of the integrand is performed. A description is given of the procedures that reduce the fractional part to the form required for the application of the integration algorithm. At the third stage, the polynomial part of the integrand is integrated. Procedures are obtained that allow, depending on the type of the integrand, to apply the appropriate integration algorithms. The appendix contains a description of the user’s language commands of the MathPartner system, which are designed to calculate integrals in symbolic form.


computer algebra system; MathPartner computer algebra system; symbolic integration

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517.312, 004.421.6




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