Tambov Medical Journal
ISSN 2782-5019


The journal “Tambov Medical Journal” is a scientific-practical journal that publishes articles on clinical and preventive medicine.

ISSN 2782-5019

Until 2022 the journal’s title was "Medicine and Physical Education: Science and Practice" (ISSN 2658-7688)

The journal is registered by the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technologies and Mass Communications (Roskomnadzor). Register entry of October 19, 2018 serial ПИ no. ФС77-74080

Frequency — 4 issues per year.

The language of publications — Russian, English, German, French, Chinese.

The journal is published in printed form. The territory of distribution of the journal: the Russian Federation and foreign countries.

The journal is published at the expense of the publisher. All publications in the journal are free of charge. All publications in electronic form are distributed free of charge.

The work submitted to the journal must be complete scientific research and contain new scientific results that have not been published anywhere before and have not been submitted for publication in other periodicals (scientific articles, scientific reviews, reviews, etc.).

In case of duplicate submission of articles, the editor refers to the flowcharts of the Committee on Publishing Ethics (COPE).

At all stages of working with manuscripts and for communicating with authors, editors and reviewers, editorial use e-mail, so authors should be careful when specifying their e-mail address and have to notify the editorial board of its change.

If there are several works of the same author in the editorial portfolio, only one work can be published in the current issue (at the choice of the editorial board), the second one — in the next issue, etc. In exceptional cases, the editorial board may decide to publish no more than two works by the same author.



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Editorial address: 33 Internatsionalnaya St., Tambov 392000, Russian Federation

Articles acceptance: 93 Sovetskaya St., Tambov 392000, Russian Federation

Executive Editor of the Journal  –  Sergey A. Emelyanov

Phone: 8 (47541) 4-38-82

E-mail: cep_a@mail.ru