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Humanistic orientation university students’ relations


At the modern level of development of Russian society at higher professional educational institutions the objective need is to prepare highly competent, competitive and moral specialist, and at the same time with the democratic and humanistic orientation relations to the environment, selected for the life of a specialty, to people, social groups, information and myself. The brief history of the formation in Russia and abroad humanistic direction in science since the ancient times till nowadays is considered. Various definitions of the notion “relation” are discussed. The specific features of the system of relations of University subjects: “administration – teacher”, “teacher – teacher”, “teacher – student”, “student – student”, “parent – student”, “parent – parent”. The levels of development of a humanistic approach to the relations among students (high, normal, acceptable, and low) are given. The level of awareness and understanding of the meaning of the term “humanism”; hierarchy of motives “for business”, “for myself”, “other”; the stability or instability of behavior of subjects in the social environment are the taken rates.


attitude; humanistic orientation; system of relations; subject

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Pedagogics and psychology

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