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Analysis of Dynamics of the Main Statistical Indicators of the Tourist Industry in Russia


In article authors proved the economic analysis of the tourist industry. Despite constantly growing and unpredictable shocks connected with acts of terrorism, political instability, pandemics, natural disasters, travel and tourism continued to show its sustainable development in 2017, with GDP growth for 3,1 % and support of 6 million additional jobs in this sector of economy. The tourist sector of economy made 6,6 % of the total amount of world export and nearly 30 % of the total amount of export of global service. Growth of tourism and travel advances growth of world economy (2,5 %). Therefore, in the next years at the expense of tourism industry will be acceleration of GDP up to 3,8 % and will be the investment and attractive sector of economy. Authors allocated factors which made impacts on development of entrance tourism and outbound tourism on the basis of expert estimates of travel business in Russia. When choosing a tour of Russians the price is decisive factor, the main exit streams focus on the directions of cheaper countries as Bulgaria, Abkhazia and Thailand. Authors also allocated the main problems of development of internal tourism as hotel service, IT technologies and infrastructure. In the closest ten years of investment will grow by 3,0 % up to 547 billion rubles in 2027. The tourism share in the total amount of national investments will grow from 2,2 % in 2017 to 2,7 % in 2027. In 2017 in Russia growth was by 1,0 %. According to forecasts, by 2027 the total number of the international tourist visits will increase by 5,4 %, by 2027 tourism will support 3,774,000 workplaces (5,8 % of the general employment). Thus, development of the tourist industry will make the stimulating impact on other industries, will contribute significantly to regional economy and will lead to strengthening of material and technical resources of the territory. At normalization of a political situation and taking measures to increase in safety by other countries, competition level in the international tourist market will significantly increase and the Russian tourist business will compete both with western, and with east partners.


Tourism, economic analysis, expert assessment, statistics of tourist industry, problem of tourist industry

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Social and Economic Outlook

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