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Tambov peasants and 25-thousanders in construction of collective farms. Experience of interaction


The article presents the relationship of the city and the village as well as 25-thousanders and the Tambov collective farm peasantry during the kolkhoz construction. Peculiarities of the formation of authorized workers groups are also analyzed. Particular attention is paid to the way 25-thousanders are prepared for the work in the countryside (the time of training, the list of subjects, and the scope of participants). The reasons of peasants and workers’ resentment over local authorities are also presented in the research work. The author defines the locality of the protest moods extension. The reasons of activity in some areas and the inertia in others are explained. The analysis of both administrative and practical work of 25-thousanders in the collective farms is conducted. The author assesses the role of workers in the realization of complete collectivization. The source base of the study was the material from the collections of the State Archive of Socio-Political History of Tambov region and State Archives of Tambov region.


25-thousanders; machine-tractor stations (MTS); collective farm; relationships between local authorities, peasants and workers

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63.3 (4Там)




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