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Series: Humanities
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1. Order of articles submission

1.1. Authors submit articles prepared for publication in accordance with the Rules for Authors established by the editorial board of the journal “Tambov University Review. Series: Humanities”. The manuscript is sent by e-mail to the editorial address ilina@tsutmb.ru. By phone of the editorial office +7(4752)72-34-34 ext. 0440 for more information on the submission and review of manuscripts.

1.2. Attached in a separate file is information about all the authors of the article (last name, first name and patronymic in full) indicating his (their) academic title, academic degree, position, place of work (full name of the organizations to which the author is assigned, and not an abbreviation, postal address of the organization indicating the city, country, e-mail address, ORCID, Scopus ID, Researcher ID), for graduate and doctoral students – the name of the specialty according to the nomenclature of specialties of research scholars; postal address (with an index for the delivery of journal numbers according to the subscription). It is also necessary to indicate the author responsible for correspondence with the editors, his e-mail address, contact phone number (with area code).
Information about the authors is indicated in Russian and English.

1.3. The manuscript received by the editors is fixed by the date of receipt, about which the editors inform the author by e-mail ilina@tsutmb.ru

1.4. The executive editor reviews the manuscript for compliance with the subject of the journal and compliance with formal requirements.
If the formal requirements for materials for publication are not met, then the article is not accepted for publication “on formal grounds”, is not reviewed, and the author is informed about this. The editors reserve the right to reject articles if the author is unable or unwilling to take into account the wishes of the editors.
The editorial office does not enter into a meaningful discussion of scientific articles with the authors, does not correspond with the method of writing and formatting, and does not bring the articles to the required scientific and methodological level. The journal does not provide paid services.

1.5. A prerequisite for publishing an article in a journal is compliance with the publication ethics of the journal. All submitted manuscripts are checked in the “Antiplagiat” system. Plagiarism is not allowed. In case of detection of numerous borrowings, the editors act in accordance with the COPE rules.

2. The order of articles’ peer-review

2.1. The editorial office conducts mandatory double-blind peer-review as the most consistent with the standards of publication ethics. The reviewer is provided with a manuscript without indicating the author's name. The author does not know the name of the reviewer. After checking for plagiarism, the editors send the article to two reviewers who are recognized experts in the subject of the reviewed materials and who have published on the subject of the reviewed article over the past 3 years.
The publication reviews all materials received by the editorial board that correspond to its subject matter, with the aim of their expert evaluation. Articles are necessarily reviewed. After checking for plagiarism, the editors send the article to two reviewers – members of the editorial board of the journal in the relevant scientific direction. Both reviewers must be recognized experts on the subject of the peer-reviewed materials, have publications on the subject of the peer-reviewed article within the last three years. Articles of members of the editorial board of the journal are not reviewed.

2.2. Reviewers within two months make a conclusion about the possibility of publishing the article, the need for its revision or rejection. Reviewers evaluate the compliance of the article with the scientific subject of the journal, its relevance, novelty, theoretical and (or) practical significance, the presence of conclusions, compliance with the established formatting rules for the purpose of their peer review.
Reviewers are notified that the manuscripts sent to them are the property of the authors and are classified as confidential information.
Reviewers are prohibited from making copies of manuscripts for their own needs and giving part of the manuscript for review to another person without the permission of the editors.
The reviewers give their consent to the placement of the text of the review in the RSCI/eLibrary.
The original reviews for 5 years from the date of their signing by the reviewer are stored in the publishing house and the editorial office of the journal.

2.3. Copies of reviews with a reasoned conclusion on the article are provided to the author(s) by e-mail. Reviewing is carried out confidentially, is of a closed nature, the review is provided to the author of the manuscript without indicating the name, position, place of work and signature of the reviewer.
In case of a positive conclusion of the reviewers, the editorial board of the journal determines the order of publications depending on the subject matter of the journal issues, as well as taking into account the timing of the receipt of the manuscript by the editorial office.
In the event that the manuscript is returned for revision, the author may submit the article again with a cover letter – a response to the reviewer about the changes made for re-reviewing. The date of receipt by the editorial office is the date of return of the revised article.
In case of disagreement with the opinion of the reviewer, the author of the article has the right to provide a reasoned answer to the editors of the journal. The article may be sent for re-review.
Materials that have received a negative review from a reviewer are not published and are not returned, a reasoned refusal is sent to the author.
Manuscripts that have passed peer review are not returned. The editorial office does not store manuscripts that have not been accepted for publication.

2.4. The editorial office undertakes to send copies of reviews to the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation upon receipt of a corresponding request by the editorial office of a peer-reviewed scientific journal.

2.5. In the event of a conflict of interest between the parties involved in the review process, due to joint participation in financial, official, scientific or other activities, the author must explain all possible nuances affecting someone’s interests to the editor-in-chief. Personal interests should not come into play when deciding on a submitted publication.
If the publication of an article has caused a violation of someone’s copyright or generally accepted norms of scientific publication ethics, the editors of the journal have the right to withdraw (retract) the published article.

3. Order of articles’ publication

3.1. In case of approval by the reviewers, the articles sent at the initiative of the authors are published in the order in which they are received and taking into account the subject matter of the issue. The editorial office does not assume any obligations on the terms of publication. Priority is given to articles by authors who are subscribers to the journal.
You can subscribe to the journal in the editorial office, as well as by mail (subscription index of the journal “Tambov University Review. Series: Humanities” in the catalog of LLC “Ural-Press” is 83371).
The final decision on the expediency of publication is made by the editorial board. After the editorial board makes a decision on the admission of the article for publication, the editorial board informs the author about the estimated approximate dates of publication and places the information on the journal's website in the “News” section.
The articles of the editorial board members, who have the priority right to publish one article in the journal per year, are discussed at a meeting of the editorial board.
Review articles devoted to particularly topical problems of science, as well as containing fundamentally new information, may, by decision of the editorial board, be published out of turn.

4. Author’s rights

After publication, the editorial office provides the author with a print of his article.
The publication of an article will mean the assignment of Copyright © to its author (authors) (all exclusive rights remain with the authors of the articles), but they cannot claim a fee. The authors submit to the Publishing House of the journal – Derzhavin Tambov State University, perpetual copyright for publications in a printed publication and on a network resource on the Internet (One of the requirements of the Higher Attestation Commission is the inclusion of a publication in the Russian Science Citation Index, which is associated with the placement of the provided materials of articles in the public domain on the Internet). At the same time, the authors have the right to use all materials in their subsequent publications, provided that a link to the publication in our journal is made.
The editorial office enters into an agreement with each author for the transfer, storage and processing of their personal data in various databases and information systems, including them in analytical and statistical reports.
In addition, in accordance with the Federal Law of July 27, 2006 no. 152-FZ “On Personal Data”, the authors give their consent to the Derzhavin Tambov State University for processing, including the collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (update, change), use and destruction of the personal data provided. This consent is given by the author for an indefinite period and may be withdrawn by sending a written notice.


These Rules for the authors of the articles
were discussed, confirmed and approved at the editorial board meeting
of November 12, 2021


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