Russian Universities Reports. Mathematics
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The list of references (in the journal this is a single list, indicated by References) is drawn up using the amsbib package.

 AMSBIB package

The AMSBIB software package for LATEX was designed to simplify the input of the bibliography to papers which are being prepared for submission to Russian mathematics journals and is used to typeset the bibliography to mathematical publications. The package provides separate commands for the journal name, authors, publication year, volume, issue, pages and other elements of the reference, and makes it possible to cite several publications under a single reference number. The use of the package helps one to avoid the manual markup of the list of references, enables the creation of bibliography in PDF/HTML/XML formats, and provides for automatic linking to such bibliographic resources as Crossref, MathSciNet, zbMATH, Web of Science, ADS NASA.

Download package amsbib (ZIP, 224Kb)
Page of package amsbib on GitHub
Download package amsbib description (in Russian) (PDF, 286Kb)
Short user's guide to the AMSBIB package (in English) (PDF, 100Kb)



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